Thursday, February 16, 2012

World War One German Trench Found Intact

Many thanks to Jeff Booth of the Elgin County Military Museum for e-mailing me this interesting article. Archeologists have found an intact German trench from 1918 in Eastern France.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7th. Fusiliers 1899

There is a wealth of information in a book by Col. Francis R Ware, “The Story of the Seventh Regiment, Fusiliers of London, Canada 1899 to 1914”, Hunter Printing Company, 1945. Below I have listed some members of the regiment listed in the book for 1899.

Fred St. Clair Fisher

George Alexander Macbeth
Served in South Africa as a member of the Royal Canadian Regiment.
George Hayman
Became Mayor of London, Ontario for the year of 1931. He died in London, Ontario, October 22, 1943.(1)

Earl Mark Insley
Transfered to the 26th. Middlesex Regiment, and then went oveseas to the 135th. Battalion as a Captain and Quartermaster.

Alexander George Fraser
Went overseas with the 142nd. Battalion (London's Own), and served with the 1st. Battalion until wounded.

Henry Linton Milligan
During World War One he was promoted to Lt. Colonel and was one of the commanders of the 18th. Battalion. He died in London on July 1, 1941.

From his obit. "The London Free Press", July 2, 1941..

Alexander Ralph Skelton

Harry Wooster
His son Harry Wellington Wooster served overseas wit the 116th. Battalion. Harry Jr. went on to become the leader of the Vimy Orchestra in the next war.

Guy (Gaeterio) Lombardo
Father of Guy Lombardo band leader of the Royal Canadians.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's In The Shoebox

It's amazing what you can find when you open the old shoebox rather than throwing it out. In one I found a cloth map of France, Germany, and Poland. It seems to be made of linen or cotton. My guess would be linen. I do not know how Dad got the map or even if he used it. From the condition of the map I doubt if it was used. But it was carefully folded and put into a shoebox for storage. Parts of the map are shown below.
Front of map showing Northern France
Also the front.
Back of map showing Germany and Poland.