Friday, May 17, 2013

Head Of Library And Archives Canada Resigns

Daniel Caron, the Library and Archives boss has resigned. I expect that there was a collective sigh from the archival, and librarian community. He seems to have managed to alienate just about everyone.

It remains to be seen who the Conservative Government will put in his place. I wouldn't hold my breath. The Conservative Government so far have shown a remarkable ability to use our own history for its propaganda value while at the same time emasculating the Archives.

In my view the basic problem is very much a Canadian one. That is to say too much geography, and not enough people. For me to get to the National Archives means a day of traveling, and expensive hotels.
What has hit me hardest is the cutback to the inter-library loan program. It left me wondering if the National Archives was indeed national, or merely an Ottawa institution?

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