Tuesday, December 1, 2009

London, Ontario Celebrates Return Of 1st Battalion

From the “London Free Press, April 15, 1919”. The headline read’ “All Preparations Complete for Welcome of 1st Battalion”. The route of the march was Richmond St. to Dundas St. along Dundas to Adelaide St. to Rattle and then to the Heights.

“all bands in the city, including the G.W.V.A. band, the Kiltie Band, McClary’s Band, and the Salvation Army Band will be asked to help make everything joyful.
It is proposed to have the Boy Scouts , the cadets, and the Girl Guides stationed along the route of march.
                                                      View for the children
The civic authorities, in conjunction with the military authorities, will do everything in their power in order that the school children may get the best possible view of the parade.
Military and civil police will act jointly to keep the line of march clear.
Citizens living along  the line of march will be asked to decorate their houses , and those who loan their cars for the use of hospital men will be asked to decorate them.
At the Heights the men will be officially welcomed by Mayor C.R. Sommerville, the council, and representatives of various patriotic and religious organizations.
After this part of the program is concluded they will be dispersed at the dispersal station , after which they will be served with a meal. They will then be free to proceed to their homes.”

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