Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boer War Ancestors In The Canadian Archives

As I have mentioned in an earlier post it takes time and effort to maneuver your way through the Library and Archives Canada website. There are gems to be found if you are persistent. A case in point is the Boer War. Soldiers of the South African War (1899-1902) is a case in point.

Click on the "South African War - thematic guide" link at the bottom and you have a list of the unpublished documents in the Library holdings. as well as government publications. These are not online, or I assume, on microfilm.

The gems are found in the search. Put in a name in the search box. I entered Captain D. Stuart who was in command of “B” Company of the 1st. Contingent. “B” Company was recruited from militia regiments from the Southwestern Ontario area. Click on the link “view image” and you get an image of the South African Medal Rolls.

A gold mine for genealogists. Note that not all of the veterans medal rolls appear; however, it looks as if you could build a complete series of the Medal Rolls. These really need to be organized. Maybe I will try!

Image from Library and Archives Canada.

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