Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Victoria Park

I have been trying out a new (to me new) digital camera. So off I go to Victoria Park to get those shots of anything military.

Victoria Park is what is left of the parade grounds of the British garrison in London. It's 15 acres of cool quiet oasis in the middle of the city. It's also the home of dozens of very fat black squirrels.
The Boer War Memorial is I think the center piece for the park. It was erected in 1912 although I could stand to be corrected on this. Just in front out of the picture are four cannons from the Crimea War. Why these cannons are here I do not know as of yet. Perhaps they were left by one of the British regiments. (Looks like I need to redo the date on the photos.)

The "Holly Roller" is a Sherman tank that saw service with the 1st. Hussars in World War 2. For the kids its a climbing toy. I climbed over it as a kid ,as did my sons, and I expect any grandchildren I might have.

The Cenotaph was erected in 1934, and it is here that Remembrance Day ceremonies are carried out each November 11th.
The Dutch Canadian Memorial Carillon erected in 2006 just to the west of the Cenotaph.

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  1. Well, I just had a writing disagreement on how a memorial should be treated on Facebook, about somebody who did a Cosplay shooting on the Holy Roller monument in London Ontario. I did try to explain in polite ways that is a memorial and doing a photo-shoot on the tank is not respectable to the monument. It's not because the tank is on display that it's ok to walk it and need to be respected as so. From the Facebook administrator message respond (It is actually accepted for it to be climbed on. Or they would put barriers around it like we have in other war museums here. émoticône wink;) It allows adults and kids to experience history hands on, touch a piece of history that they may never be able to be that close to again. Feel its heaviness and its power under them. It is cool ) I did send link to the tank picture with gate around it but that person didn't care for my info and still denied the fact that it is not a playground, I serve 29 years in the military with the Royal 22E regiment. And try to explain that in not ok to disrespect a memorial this way. I feel like my generation did not showed the value of history. it not only of Nov 11 but all years long. Went I tell the person that at have some time making in the military, all my message was erase to keep the control of the flow on the facebook page. it still a memorial and it need to be respect at it is. is it ok to do so because I feel like we fail to the value of the past.