Sunday, August 15, 2010

German P.O.W. Camps

Its amazing what you can find in a shoebox. When my father John Arnold Hillman was admitted to the Veterans Hospital in London, Ontario, my brother and I started to look through the things that my father had saved in shoe-boxes. One contained his and my mother’s medals, and the silver star which had been given to my grandmother after uncle Bruce’s death in 1945. Another contained what I think is a bayonet, and a well worn burnt in places map of German prisoner of war camps.

I could not get the whole map digitalized as a single unit so I took several pictures. Dad was in Stalag Luft 6, and Stalag Luft 4. It has been a bit of a challenge to trace his route from East Prussia to the Rhine where he was liberated by the British Army.
The map was given to the Elgin County Military Museum in St.Thomas, Ontario.

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