Friday, November 25, 2011

7th. Fusiliers

The 7th. Fusiliers went through several name changes such as the 7th. Fusiliers, 7th. Fusiliers, Light Infantry, 7th. Fusiliers, City of London Regiment. Regardless, that regiment was London's militia infantry regiment. "The London Advertiser"  in 1914 published what for me was an interesting series of photos of the regiment leaving for wars..
Members of the regiment just prior to their leaving for the Northwest in 1885. "The London Advertiser", August 22, 1914.
Volunteers from the regiment, and the Elgins, boarding trains on their way to South Africa in 1900. "The London Advertiser". August 22, 1914.
The send off for volunteers from the regiment, and the Elgins, who are off to Valcartier to train for the First Division. No more than six of these men would return in 1919 on their own feet. "The London Advertiser", August 22. 1914.

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