Monday, January 3, 2011

Officers Of The 1st. Battalion

The Regional Room, London Public Library, London, On.

From left to right:

Capt. W.J. Taylor, Capt. Frank Wall, Lt. Col. Henry Campbell Becher, Lt. Walter Chester Butler.

Henry Campbell Becher born in London, Ontario, January 20, 1874 to Henry Becher and Katherine Campbell died June 15, 1915 at Givenchy.

Libary and Archives Canada

I have the attestation papers for Walter Chester Butler. who was wounded at Vimy, but so far little else on the other officers.
Library and Archives Canada
Dating the photo is problematic except that is was definately taken in 1914 either in London before they went to Valcartier or at Valcartier. Since Henry Cambell Becher is identified as a Lt. Col. ( a militia commission) I would bet on London. When he died he was commissioned as a Major in the 1st. Battalion.

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