Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recent Key Word Activity

I admit that I do pay attention to key word activity to see what draws readers to my blog. Listed below are some of the most recent. I apologise if some of my responses are a little cheeky. I can not help myself sometimes.

1.Boer war and southwestern Ontario
2.canadian contingent for south africa

I have written a little bit on the Boer War. If you believe the press coverage of the period Southwestern Ontario was behind the British Empire 110%. Probably that was not far off what the majority of people thought. Library and Archives Canada has “Soldiers Of The South African War (1899-1902)" if you are searching for a specific name.
3.”great war commands” wingard

I’M AHEAD OF THE GAME ! See previous blog.

4. how to apply for history of Canadian Veteran ww2
Online form is at Library and Archives Canada.
5.elgin county home front ww2

Online very little. Looks like library time.

6. submarine port burwell

I mentioned this in an earlier post and eliminated the dirty politics that went on.

7. Nominal Roll of the 161st Battalion London Ontario
    Nominal Rolls 18th. Battalion

Online at “The Matrix Project”.
8. photo of Major V.W. Odlum 1915

Victor Wentworth Odlum (21 October 1880-4 April 1971) reached Major General in the First World War. He was known by his men as “old Lime juice” after he made them drink lime juice rather than a rum ration before an engagement. It was not appreciated. Here’s his picture.
9. “German P.O.W.” London ontario

Got me stumped. Could be. Have not run into one yet in my research. If so, it is far more likely to have been from the Second World War.

10. canadian veterans second world war from ontario canada

Wow ! Not asking for too much here. There was somewhere around 179,000 men and women from Southwestern Ontario serving in all services. Maybe twenty years from now (should I last that long) I will have a partial list. Do not expect Library and Archives Canada to digitalize all of these records anytime soon. There were 1.1 million men and women from across Canada serving from 1939 to 1945. The volume of paperwork is stagering.
11. home guard fenian raid

Yep its here: but tongue in cheek.

12. Pictures of English military medals 1800’s

I’M not that into it ! Up until recent years though Canada tended to follow the British lead.

13. Was all cdn infantry battalions effective ww2 ?

Got me. Could be.
14. Names of the 18 battalion 1915

Usually - “The poor bloody infantry”.

15. veterans cemetery london ontario

Not as such. Veterans are scattered in cemeteries throughout London. The practice here is each November 11th to put little flags on the burial of each veteran .

16. mabel mccalla Ontario

This shows google search at it best (tongue in cheek here). How this resulted in a hit on this blog heaven only knows; but I did check just in case, and found no Mabel McCalla in World War One Canadian data bases.

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