Sunday, May 8, 2011

Posters Of The Great War

Distracted from my primary research again !

Prior to 1916 production of posters was up to the local authorities. Someone would create, and finance, the poster as advertising vehicles for recruitment, victory bonds, or just plain propaganda. What I love about them is that you just can not judge our grandfathers, or great grandfathers, by our 21st. Century morality.
Recruitment poster for the 142nd. Battalion (London's Own) recruited in 1915, and broken up for reinforcements in 1916. Library and Archives Canada.
Here's one that would not fly today. All she needs now is some white feathers to hand out. Library and Archives Canada.
 In this instance the Germans handed the allies a propaganda goldmine. Library and Archives Canada.
A reference to the sinking of the hospital ship 'The Landovery Castle' where nursing sisters lost their lives. Library and Archives Canada.

If the little tyke held on to her Victory Bond it might actually be worth something in forty to fifty years. Library and Archives Canada.

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  1. Love the last poster of the little girl, which fits well with a recent post. Library and Archives Canada just digitized a wealth of posters. I couldn't help being distracted as well!