Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Of The Memorials In Southwest Ontario

Memorials to the war dead come in all shapes and sizes. Some are old - some new. Cities, towns, and villages who do not have them are few and far between. Here are just a few (out of hundreds - remarkable for a country that prides itself on being unmilitaristic.) with what little information that I have on them.


Erected and dedicated 25 November 1928

Essex County

Essex County War Memorial constructed in 1924.


Ingersoll Honour Roll erected in 1999.

London's monuments I have mentioned in previous posts.


War Memorial in Coronation Park erected in 1928.

Point Pelee

Unveiled in 1985 in Memory of Canada's fallen warriors.


Dedecated to Boer War Veterans. Thought to be the oldest in the country.


Erected in 1936.

Constructed in 1924.

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